eSTAR 7“ Themed Tablet Black SW

eSTAR 7″ Themed Tablet Black SW is a small, lightweight tablet with a 7 inch display. Most importantly – the tablet comes with a Star Wars silicone case which is perfect for any fan! The case will definitely capture the hearts of the fans and the tablet with pre-installed games will guarantee hours of adventure filled fun.

Themed Tablet black 06 photo2

Small and Light

Weighing just 284 grams and of only 10.5mm thickness this tablet is small and lightweight. It will easily fit in your purse or backpack, so you can carry it anywhere and you can easily access your favorite games in just a few touches.

Long Battery Life

Smooth, uninterrupted work is guaranteed by the tablet’s 2400 mAh battery that will allow you to actively play games throughout the day.

micro USB ico
Easy To Connect

You can use the Micro USB port to easily connect to other devices.

WiFi ico

eSTAR 7″ Themed Tablet Black SW supports WiFi connection, so you will always have internet at your fingertips.


eSTAR 7“ Themed Tablet Black SW